Local Authority Acronyms

CPDContinuing Professional Development
CQCCare Quality Commission
DfEDepartment for Education (This can also be Duke of Edinburgh award)
DLDDevelopmental Language Disorder
EALEnglish as an Additional Language
EHCPEducation Health & Care Plan
ELGEarly Learning Goals
EOTASEducation Other Than at School
EYFSEarly Years Foundation stage
HPCFHounslow Parent Carers Forum
IEPIndividual Education Plan
LALocal Authority
LeDeRPeople with Learning Disabilities and Autism
LDLearning Disability
MLDMild Learning Difficulty
NasenNational Association for Special Educational Needs
OfstedOffice for Standards in Education
PDAPathological Demand Avoidance
PHABPhysically handicapped & Able Bodied
PMLDPhysical and Multiple Learning Difficulties
PTSDPost Traumatic Stress Disorder
PVIPrivate, Voluntary or Independent
SENSpecial Educational Needs
SENCOSpecial Educational Needs Coordinator
SENDIASSSpecial Educational Need and Disability Independent And Support Service
SENDSpecial Educational Need and Disabilities
SLDSevere Learning Difficulty

Health Authority Acronyms

CAMHSChild & Adolescent Mental Health Services
CCGClinical Commissioning Group
DOHDepartment for Health
HVHealth Visitor
OTOccupational Therapy
SALT/CLTSpeech and Language Therapy